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Distributed Denial of Service attacks are a real and present threat across the internet. Our mitigation & protection solutions help you stay ahead of attackers. Keep your site up and running, your content flowing, and your customers buying, seamlessly. We've partnered with Staminus, one of the finest DDoS mitigation providers to bring their enterprise level protection to your site whenever you need it.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and it's a type of attack that can render your website and even vast swathes of the internet inaccessible. A DDoS is an attack that essentially floods a network with useless traffic to such an extent that no useful traffic can get in or out.

Generally, DDoS attacks are waged by malicious individuals or organizations utilizing a network of compromised systems called a BOTNet. This allows attackers to bring to bear a vast array platforms and locations to direct massive amounts of traffic at their target of choice. This can make mitigating a DDoS attack an extremely difficult proposition for the unprotected website owner.

What's the best way to protect myself against a DDoS attack?

After a massive amount of research, and testing various solutions, we have partnered with Staminus. Staminus is the leading provider of DDoS mitigation & protection services. We've evaluated their network, their business practices, and their response times and found them to provide a level of service that we are willing to entrust with our own websites and content. We're thoroughly confident of their ability to protect sites against DDoS attacks. We want to pass this confidence and peace of mind along to you.

What does a DDoS attack look like?

DDoS attacks of all kinds cause a myriad of problems for both infrastructure providers and customers. To better visualize how a DDoS attack (in this case, a reflection attack) works check this out. The red arrows represent attack traffic while the green arrows represent legitimate traffic from your visitors. A reflection attack such as what's shown causes massive resource usage in both network and compute capacity. Protecting yourself from an attack like this will keep your content flowing to your users while keeping the bad guys from causing problems.

DDoS Protection

The Staminus network for DDoS protection is robust and spans the globe. Your traffic gets through and any attack traffic gets filtered out by their systems. Even if you're getting attacked, you may not ever notice.

A DDoS attack can cost you money and customers. Prevent attacks before they impact your business!

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Trends in DDoS Attacks

In the quarter ending in September 2013, hosted service providers experienced a sharp rise in the number of DDoS attacks. That particular quarter showed a dramatic rize in high-throughput attacks exceeding 40 Gbps. There had been a trend towards larger attacks for over a decade so this is unsurprising. A key point though, is that September saw a 5x rise in the number of attacks exceeding 40 Gbps. This likely signifies there are more DDoS as a service operators who make their botnest available for a fee. This allows subscribers to launch more large scale attacks.

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  • Financial Services
  • Banks & Payment Processing Services
  • Video Gaming
  • E-Commerce & Online Retail
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How can I reduce my risk?

Hosted service providers operate the fundamental infrastructure that allows the internet to function properly. As such, they will always be targeted by criminals and malicious hackers. This impacts not only your operation, but the level of service you are capable of delivering to your customers. You probably spend substantial sums on upgrading your infrastructure to support future growth. The question is, how much time and money do you spend securing your investment against threats? If you're like many hosted service providers, the answer is "not enough."

Ignoring the threats posed by a DDoS attack is a costly and risky decision. The cost of a single attack can easily violate an SLA which can force you to pay massive sums in damages to your customers in SLA credits. A single attack can severely damage your brand and reputation as well as resulting in a direct loss of customers.

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  • An expert partner who puts your security first!
  • Cloud Based DDoS Protection
  • On-Premises DDoS Detection Appliances
  • Tightly Controlled Firewalls
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Total Server Solutions has partnered with Stackpath to keep you protected.

At Total Server Solutions we have researched numerous DDoS mitigation strategies. After carefully examining all other solutions, we have chosen Stackpath to be our partner in helping with DDoS mitigation. Their solutions are a perfect fit for our customers and the way we do business. Like us, they pride themselves on providing the best experience to their customers. We want to protect you, and Stackpath wants that too. It’s a perfect fit.

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  • Over 15 years experience in DDoS protection.
  • Each staff member selected for their understanding and expertise in network security.
  • Tight-knit, focused team of experts.
  • Powerful global network to protect you from any threat.

How does it work?

When an incoming DDoS attack is detected, our system reroutes incoming traffic through our DDoS mitigation system. Our DDoS mitigation system then isolates attack traffic and allows only clean, inbound traffic to pass through to your server. The incoming transit is devoid of all attack traffic which keeps your content visible and allows your customers to get to your sites.

Our plans are billed based on the amount of clean, inbound traffic you wish to be able to reach your sites in the event of a DDoS attack. What that means is that regardless of the size of an attack, the minimum amount of clean, filtered traffic reaching your sites corresponds directly to the amount of traffic specified by your chosen plan.

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Bandwidth Required Maximum Attack Size Cost Per Megabit Total Cost
Under 100 mbps - clean inbound traffic. Up to 10 Gbps Contact Sales Contact Sales
Under 75 mbps - clean inbound traffic. Up to 10 Gbps Contact Sales Contact Sales
Under 50 mbps - clean inbound traffic. Up to 10 Gbps Contact Sales Contact Sales
Under 20 mbps - clean inbound traffic. Up to 10 Gbps Contact Sales Contact Sales
Under 10 mbps - clean inbound traffic. Up to 10 Gbps Contact Sales Contact Sales
Under 5 mbps - clean inbound traffic. Up to 10 Gbps Contact Sales Contact Sales
Pay as you go. Per 1 mbps Contact Sales Contact Sales
Availability DDoS protection available to existing & new dedicated server and colocation customers.


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