Merchant Accounts

Increase your profits and protect your business through our exclusive CDGCommerce Merchant Accounts.

Merchant Accounts

Get services that your customers will trust. A merchant account from Total Server Solutions & CDGCommerce helps protect your business.

As a Total Server Solutions customer you can now take advantage of a great offer to help you increase your profits while protecting yourself against fraud losses. Switch to our industry leading payment processing program in cooperation with CDGCommerce.

What's a merchant account?

I'm glad you asked. A merchant account is a bank account that allows your business to accept credit card payments. Merchant accounts are established by an agreement between a merchant acquiring bank and an acceptor to let your website accept payments from your customers by credit card.

Will a merchant account help prevent fraud transactions?

Yes! Look, fraud transactions on your site cost you time, money, and most importantly, trust. With a merchant account you help insulate yourself from the risks that come with doing business online. Our merchant accounts have safeguards in place to help guard against bogus credit cards and unauthorized use. AVS & CVV2 checks are used extensively to help eliminate identity theft issues. In addition, all of the back eudn systems of our merchant accounts are designed to keep your customers information (and yours) safe and secure.

We trust CDGCommerce

We want you to trust a CDGCommerce merchant account. But, you may be wondering who we use for our payment processing. Well, the answer is simple, we use what we sell. If we didn't trust CDGCommerce for our own merchant account and payment processing needs we certainly wouldn't sell it. We take security seriously and CDGCommerce has earned our trust. We trust CDGCommerce, and so should you.


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