Server Management

Alleviate the headaches that come with growth.

Server Management
Stripped down to its core, server management entails system administration duties.

Such duties include service monitoring, server maintenance, optimization, security, and initial server setup tasks. Normally, such tasks are performed by your own system administration team. Over time though, as your customer base expands and your resource provisioning increases, your system admin team will struggle to keep up with growth. You've got to staff your IT department, pay salaries, manage employees, and deal with benefits and everything that goes along with having more employees.

Why should I use a server management company?

By finding a trusted server management provider you get to focus on what you do best, running and growing your business. You don't have to worry about staying current with the latest trends in technology, you don't need to keep up on the latest security issues, you get the luxury of time.

Server Management puts our knowledge to work for you.

Our expert admin team takes care of your servers so you can concentrate on running your business.

Management Plans

Basic Server
Total Server
    We work with virtually any server.
    12 Month Service Term
    Available outside our facilities.
    We monitor up to 5 services of your choice.
    We provide you with alerts and warnings
as they happen.
    30 minute response time to any issues. (Our techs
usually respond in less than 10 minutes.)
    You get up to 30 minutes of time with our technical
team per month.
    Kernelcare license.
    R1Soft Server Backup to safeguard & backup your data.
*We provide the license, you provide the space.
    Our experts monitor ALL the services on your server.
    5 hours reactive monitoring & proactive patching
with trouble ticket support.
    Initial server configuration and setup.
    Full security audit and lock down.
    Full security hardening.
    Control panel setup.
    Directory Permissions set to prevent traversal
by unprivileged users.
    Host.conf and sysctl security hardening.
    Compiler and fetch utility access can
be limited to root only.
    Hardening of SSH service.
    TCP/IP hardening.
    All common services are checked and locked
down as needed.
    BFD (Brute Force Detection)system installation.
    Disable any and all unused services to further
secure and optimize performance of your server.
    Package audit of your RPM system.
    Firewall installation (APF/CSF)
to keep the bad guys out.

Server Management

We monitor all the services needed by a webserver. If there is a problem, we get it taken care of right away. Here's some of what we monitor on a perpetual basis: FTP, SSH, E-Mail, DNS, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, Disk space on /, Disk space on /tmp and Server Load. Total Server Solutions technicians can also monitor more services in addition to what we monitor as standard on a case by case basis if you need it.

If what you're running isn't listed here, please let us know and we'll see what we can do for you. Examples of non-standard services include: Odd port services (such as SSH on another port), MySQL (by running queries or just ensuring the port is open), Content checks on websites (to ensure no database corruption is present) and many more!

We can get your server running at peak performance in no time. Our team of optimization experts will wring every last bit of performance from your server to get running just how you want it, fast! We'll check for all common problems that may be adversely effecting how your is running. We'll tweak and tune a vast array of system settings & variables.

Your server will be at peak performance in no time!

Your server must be secure. There is no way around that. You demand it, and more importantly, your customers demand it. If you set up your server yourself, you can't be sure that it's properly secured. You want to keep malicious hackers and spammers out. The vast majority of operating systems and even most control panels don't secure a server anywhere near as completely as they should. That's where we come in.

Total Server Solutions has got you covered! Our team of security experts will examine your server for any weaknesses and security holes and give it security treatment you need. We'll make sure that everything is updated, secured and ready to keep your data safe.

One of the greatest benefits of contracting your server management duties is cost. You no longer have to worry about maintaining a large staff. We will charge a fair price and for that you'll get numerous expert techs available to handle your needs any time, day or night.

Server management from Total Server Solutions is a fast, cost-effective way to peace of mind and maximum server performance!


Whatever you need, Total Server Solutions can help! Our team of expert system admins, technicians, and data center operations gurus have been around a long time. We’re ready to put our years of knowledge to work for you.



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