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Total Server Solutions LLC is proud to announce our new service level agreement (SLA) for all clients on management. Effectively immediately we are offering a response time guarantee of 20 minutes or less, further details and limits can be found on our website. This SLA is good for both emergency tickets and normal priority tickets 24x7x365. Unlike some companies we have a full complement of staff on hand at all hours. Along with our server management we can also offer consulting and assistance in setting up high availability clusters or other custom configurations. We have recently begun offering end user support for as little as 50 tickets per month, again full details can be found on our page. Additionally you can contact us directly at if you have any further questions about anything we offer or questions on what we are able to offer clients.

Full Details

SLA credits are on a per service basis and may not exceed 100% in a single billing period. The credit is good towards the following month's fee for the service that had the delay in service.

The SLA is good towards the initial response to a ticket placed into the support department; we are not responsible if tickets are mistakenly entered into the wrong queue. To receive a credit you must create a ticket asking for a credit and the billing department will assist you in getting the credit. For initial ticket replies that take more than 10 minutes but less than 20 a 10% credit is given. For an initial response time more than 20 minutes but less than 30minutes a total credit of 20% is given. Additional credits are offered in 5% increments for every 10 minutes without a response. The maximum that any single service may obtain is 100% for the following month. The credits may not be applied to any other service or product offering.

We will attempt to reply quickly after the initial response but the additional responses are not covered under this SLA.


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